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Résidences funéraires Collins Clarke MacGillvray White Funeral Homes

307 Promenade Riverside, St-Lambert, QC J4P 1A7 | 514-483-1870 | MAP


About Résidences funéraires Collins Clarke MacGillvray White Funeral Homes

When two Montreal Anglophone funeral homes with long-established traditions merged, Collins Clarke MacGillivray White was founded. The Family of Funeral Homes builds on its broad experience to offer professional services of the finest quality.

Throughout the decades, Collins Clarke MacGillivray White pursued its efforts to live up to its reputation while:

   • Accompanying grieving families, in times of need by giving them advice and support
   • Offering a wide variety of services and programs
   • Welcoming families with warmth and providing care, with a serene and comforting atmosphere at all times

We are now comprised of four distinctive funeral homes located in Montreal, Verdun, Montreal West Island-Pointe-Claire and Saint-Lambert.

Each Collins Clarke MacGillivray White Funeral Home can count on a courteous, dedicated and efficient staff .Every member of the team finds inspiration in their mission to support families in their time of grief and help them go through such difficult times. Not only are they ready and available to answer all of your questions, but they are delighted to serve you.

Complementing their expertise, some of our team have more than twelve years of experience. In addition, all of the members of staff participate in a professional development program to better serve their clientele.

The team at Collins Clarke MacGillivray White is comprised of funeral directors, thanatologists, family and rite consultants, prearrangement specialists, pallbearers, drivers and other support staff, all dedicated to welcoming and serving the families.

Collins Clarke MacGillivray White's management has taken diligent care to maintain every aspect of all of its funeral homes. Some of them have undergone recent major renovations, especially the Sherbrooke Street funeral home which added two modern reception halls.

All of the funeral homes have been designed with care to offer a peaceful atmosphere that promotes tranquil reflection. Their hospitable facilities also promote socializing with family members and friends.

Our Services has been set up to support grieving families and help them pass through these difficult times. Collins Clarke MacGillivray White Funeral Homes has put at your disposal a wide variety of special services and programs.

Therefore, each family can count on the support of family and rite consultants. Our specialists can help you customize funeral ceremonies to make the most out of this time dedicated to honour the deceased. Sharing memories of the deceased and following a certain ritual make way for the healing process to begin with the hope of better tomorrows.

Conscious of the support it can bring to families, Collins Clarke MacGillivray White also offers complementary services such as a specialized documentation centre, various activities, from concerts to exhibits, and lectures on different topics. Innovative programs such as "Making Everlasting Memories", "Escape School" and "Smart and Safe Seniors" are also made available through the company.

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